Change management – what is it really?

Think of Change as project management of Implementation

I have so many times met managers asking for a change management framework, as they experience many corporate initiatives are not providing the benefits they were intended, nor embedded in the organisation.

This is without doubt quite relevant and we can still get much more value out of the things, we start up. However, we tend to talk about ‘change’ as a unique competence to have, something many have made large sums of money on writing about (just try to google-search ‘change management’…).

But is it really so difficult, so special?

What if we just consider ‘change management’ as ‘project management of implementation’?┬áThen we would ask the same basic questions, such as:

  • Why (are we doing it, what do we wish to achieve)?
  • What (elements and behaviour should provide that)?
  • How (will we involve and roll-out the changes)?
  • Who (needs to be involved in order to ensure a success)?
  • Risk (what can go wrong)?

My suggestion is, to take the academia out of the topic and make it much more practical; this will create a language easier to understand and we can get our focus in the right direction.

The remaining theories and books are for change-nerds and for consultants to provide leadership training in the newest models and frameworks…